Our Chef


Brooke Egger was born and raised in NE Washington where she sharpened her skills hunting, fishing, trapping, foraging, and all things nature.  Taking that savage tool chest and love for the kitchen, Brooke studied culinary arts and hospitality management in Santa Barbara.  After the formal education portion of her life had concluded, Brooke began training with some of the best chefs in the region.  

Professional roads took Brooke around the world where she explored the various culinary techniques while developing her own unique style.  After having health issues that prevented her from maintaining a chef position, Brooke found cannabis and it gave her hope and a new, unexpected professional path.  Brooke Egger edibles was created 13 years ago and has grown into the ‘Taste Factory’ it is today.  Always engineering new ideas, Brooke and her dog Juice Box are on a mission to deliver customers quality products that satisfy all of the senses.