Taste Factory

Having operated for 10+ years in the California medicinal cannabis market, Chef Brooke E Egger was one of the pioneers of our industry. Greyline Edibles was created to provide customers hand crafted products that stimulate all of the senses. The “Taste Factory” is determined to keep the focus on ingenuity while also providing the classics. Our team strives to insure quality, taste, and safety in every product. Combining Science & Art, our goal is to transform the ‘industry standard’ and bring customers along for the ride.



Milk Powders

Black Flake Salted Caramel

Salty & Sweet Creamy Treat 

10mg THC Each 100mg Total

Fruit Punch Sour Chew

Sweet & Sour Fruity Chew

10mg Each 100mg THC Total

Vanilla Cola Soda Gummy

Vanilla & Soda Gummy Cola

10mg Each 100mg THC Total

Date Shakie Light Pink

Date Shakie Cactus

Date Shakie Dark Pink

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